Get a Case Study Done – If you talk about it get one done!

Many companies spend lots of time and money getting the right literature and marketing material together to present to potential customers but they often forget about case studies.

Case studies can be one of the most useful tools to showcase your business and therefore I always recommend to clients that they put a portfolio of case studies together covering their different offerings.

What is a case study?the importance of a good case study

In simple terms a case study is a way of demonstrating how you took a particular need or problem and addressed it.  This needs to show the positive impact it had for your client.

It explains not just that you can deliver a particular solution but gives an example of how you did it in real terms as well as what it meant for your client.

Case studies can show the work you have done for a particular industry which potential clients will often relate to, particularly if you are targeting vertical markets. They can also demonstrate how you overcame any issues along the way and can act as an endorsement of your work, especially if it is for a well known and respected client.

How do you write a case study?

There are a number of ways to put a case study together but the following gives an example of a format you could use:

  • Introduction – Introduce your client, explain their industry and give an overview of what their initial need was or the problem that they needed to address.
  • What did you do? – What solution did you implement for your client? Explain how you identified the most appropriate solution and what action you took to execute it.
  • Why it worked – What did your solution offer that made it the best course of action? Explain how it solved the problem and why you recommended it.
  • What difference did it make? – This is where you can really sell the benefits of your product/service etc. It may have improved efficiency, cut costs, increased sales/profits etc. Showing some facts and figures can really enhance the impact of your case study.
  • Testimonial – Ask your client for a testimonial explaining why they were happy with what you did. Most customers will be very happy to do this and it really adds weight to your case study. I would also recommend letting them read the case study and ask for their approval for you to use it in your marketing activities. They may be happy for you to include their logo as well.
  • Call to action – Always try to finish with a call to action. This sounds like a bit of a cliché but is the best way to finish your case study. It could be a special offer, discount if someone books an appointment within a set time or even just ‘contact us to find out how we can help you’.

Make sure your case study is in line with your branding strategy so it doesn’t look out of place alongside your other literature. After a while you will have a good portfolio of case studies show casing what you can offer.  So, in real terms you can demonstrate what you can do for any potential new clients and why they should contact you and your business.

If you would like any help putting case studies together or help with any other marketing activities, please feel free to get in touch and we will be very happy to have a chat.