Spartan Services

What can Spartan Consultants do for you?

Buildings must have strong foundations.  If you skip this stage, the structure will be unstable and unlikely to last for very long.  The same rule applies in business – strong foundations and proper planning can help to ensure that your business will stand the test of time.

Spartan Consultants has over 20 years commercial experience and we have expertise in a range of areas.  We have seen many things tried by others and ourselves. Some worked better than others but we have learnt from every experience.  We have helped a range of small business owners to enjoy the good times and led many out of the dark times into prosperity.

Our services include:

Business Consultancy

We can help you with developing an effective business plan and strategy to achieve what you want for your business – we can even help you to put some goals in place if you are not sure which direction to go in.  We will be happy to assist with processes, sales, marketing, staffing and delivery and then offer ongoing support if you wish.  Spartan Consultants are also happy to deliver sales training to you or any of your staff if there are any areas you are finding tricky.


Marketing should always start with a strategy including brand development.  We will be happy to discuss any areas of marketing that you are struggling with and have a chat about how we can help you to understand your objectives, develop a plan, deliver it and then analyse the results.

CV Writing

Our professional CV writing service will help you to make a great first impression when applying for a new job.  We will take time to find out what your personal selling points are and make sure this comes across on your CV.