Sales Training

All small business owners have to sell – without sales, your business cannot survive! However, unless you have previously worked in sales or done some sales training, many business owners find they are uncomfortable with selling or are even terrified of the idea.

Spartan Consultants can help to take the fear away from selling, allowing you to sell more effectively and in turn, increase your profits.

We will tailor your sales training to meet your specific needs and can include topics such as:

Different sales techniques
The sales process
Record keeping and analysing results
Assessing customers’ needs and wants
Objection handling
Closing the sale
Managing and motivating sales teams

Spartan Director, Merie Sennett, is Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) qualified and has a strong sales background. She has had many successes in sales roles for major PLCs as well as startups and has recruited and managed her own sales teams.